Heck no! Comcast to restrict monthly broadband use.

This goes out to our US friends struggling with their “limited mind” ISP’s:

Comcast soon will begin cracking down on heavy users of its Internet service in a move that critics fear could be a step toward restricting unlimited broadband access to download and upload files while surfing the Web.

The country’s largest cable company and second-largest Internet provider said Thursday that beginning Oct. 1, residential users who download and/or upload more than 250 GB of data a month will be notified and asked to curb their use. Customers who exceed the limit a second time in six months will face termination of their account.

The limit clearly defines a policy that Comcast has had in place for many years. In the past, excessive users faced similar restrictions, but the limits were never spelled out and actually fluctuated month to month depending on overall traffic. Comcast would not disclose the range of the old limits. to degrade service.”

Read more here: SFGate

Atleast I should be happy that I live where I do. We have no restrictions yet unless you go for the very low bandwith offerings….
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