Hello world, Treat me fair!

First and foremost welcome to my blog.

What I will aim to do with in my little corner of the world wide web is to provide my views on the things to go on around me. That be actual things that impact my life, or just things I stumble upon that deserves mentioning.

About me: Male living in Scandinavia. I’m a vivid gamer and has been for the past 20+ years. First game I ever played was Rambo, First Blood on my C64. I am now what most would consider a casual MMO player, and have pretty much tried them all. Expect to see gaming related entries often.

I’m into gadgets, but have been able to cut down on that bad habit in the last couple of years. Still very much read everything I can about new exciting gizmos coming out, and you can expect to see a few entries on that subject now and then.

Professionally I work with IT Security. I have no programming skills, but have set a goal of looking into Visual Studio when I get the time. I pretty much keep up-to-date on all security related things that happen, and try to read as much as I can to better advise the people around me on how to conduct safe surfing practices without being paranoid. I will blog on security issues regularly.

Thats all for now. I will work on the design of my blog, but don’t expect magic.

Keep safe, make your opinion known, but do so after thinking!